Frequently Asked Questions

In this section we hope to answer all your questions concerning your interest and/or purchase of our product. If you still have questions or concerns please either leave us a message via our contact form or give us a call. Smilax Harvesters wants to serve all your greenery needs.


General Questions

Smilax is a decorative green vine that is most often used by florist as decoration at events. It is a running vine that makes it perfect for decorating arches, gazebo’s, table runners, wrapping openings, hiding unwanted views or to decorate just about anything.

No, Smilax is a wild vine that is available almost year around. Smilax is off crop typically during the months of June, July & August. (feel free to call to check availability) During these months we can usually substitute Smilax for Elaeagnus.

The main difference between Smilax and Elaeagnus is that Smilax is a wild grown running vine and Elaeagnus is more of a shrub. As you can see in these images, the Smilax (top image) is a running vine that has multiple shoots with many attached leaf’s. The lower image (Elaeagnus) is shoots with leaf’s alternating from side to side.

Smilax can be harvested in longer sections where as Elaeagnus tends to be small lengths.


Ordering, Shipping & Cancellation Processes

An order can be placed at anytime throughout the year. You will be contacted two weeks prior to your ship date for payment instruction by email. No order will be accepted within 9 days prior to your event without an up charge in product cost. All of the products we sell are harvested fresh and shipped usually within 36 hours of harvesting to guarantee freshness.

No, you are responsible for paying all shipping costs. We use FedEx overnight shipping to make sure that your product arrives not only in time for your event but also as fresh as possible. This also allows for quality issues to be dealt with and if needed additional product to be sent out.

Orders can be canceled up to two weeks prior to ship date. Any order cancellations after that point are subject to a fee. 

Both Smilax & Elaeagnus are packaged & shipped in boxes 28 inches long by 18 inches wide. The smilax box is 16 inches deep and the elaeagnus box is 12 inches deep. We cover all products with damp newspaper before the boxes are sealed to increase freshness before delivery.  

Vine care and handling instruction is covered in more detail under vine care.


Vine Care & Handling

Upon receiving your greenery open box/boxes and inspect your product. DO NOT remove greenery from the box till ready to use. Your greenery will last longer if placed in a cooler, but an airconditioned room will work overnight. Product should be misted  with a water bottle as needed to help hydrate the greenery.

When inspecting product upon delivery, if there is damage or bad product a claim must be filed. We will need photo documentation of defects, including product and/or box and that claim must be received within 24 hours of receiving your product.

Once your product is shipped, you will receive email confirmation and a tracking number. We are not responsible for delayed or lost shipments. Please contact the carrier with confirmation number from order email.

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